IMG_6202Lindsey Dawson says, “Everyone has a story that is unique.” In this creative interview she shares her own story from where her career began to where she is now.  Lindsey, a native Kiwi,  began her career in a corporate job working with a company that published a string of magazines.

It was a creative job that gave her high visibility and high profile, but she was still at the bidding of her boss, so eventually she knew she had had enough. One day she said, “I just can’t do this anymore.” This was 10 years ago, and  it was an adjustment to be all on her own without the phone ringing and people wanting to meet with her.

Being a writer, she launched herself fully into her own work. 

She has written seven books now – a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Several  have spiritual themes and she has an historical novel coming out this year.

She offers writing courses online and in person. She loves to help women dive into key moments of their own stories to recognize where they’ve come from, understand where they are now, and get insights on what’s coming up for them next.

Lindsey  created and launched three popular women’s magazines and has put in time as a feature writer, columnist, novelist, broadcaster, TV host and writing coach. Lindsey offers writing courses, workshops and mentoring and focuses on helping women gain confidence through reflecting on their own stories.

When she’s not at her computer keyboard, her current loves include inspirational speaking, messing about with mosaics, teaching blogging courses, dancing, lunching with friends, reading new fiction, and keeping up with four small grandchildren.

She lives by the beach on New Zealand’s Pacific coast, sharing her house with her long-time husband and one uppity cat. 

Lindsey’s offers her wisdom for the listeners. ” There is no such thing as an ordinary life. All of us have potential to be extraordinary.”

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