Lissa BollesLissa Boles, in this wonderful interview, shares her path from being an employee to launching her own business. When the company down-sized and she lost her job 15 years ago, she was smiling because she knew this job wasn’t her true soul work

She had a strong yearning to begin her own entrepreneurial venture but had no idea what it would be. This was her biggest challenge and is a similar story for many other soul or spirit driven people. She had many stabs in the dark, faced uncertainty, and had to face so many personal issues that came with the journey. 

Lissa learned that not only was she launching a soulful business, but that running a business in itself, was a spiritual practice 24/7.  

She happened upon the birth of the “Soul Map” by offering to help two friends who were struggling. She used astrology, which had been a personal fascination. She never saw astrology fitting into her business and was afraid that people wouldn’t see it as very credible and would damage her professionalism in the eyes of her coaching clients. 

In fact, the work she did with her friends was life-changing and her friends dared her to bring it out in the open. Now using this tool she created, she can help people to see what they are here to do. 

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Lissa Boles is the CEO of The “Soul Map”, a boutique entrepreneurial coaching & consulting firm providing an unparalleled astrological approach to niching, platform creation & business building – one based on the untouchable uniqueness of the owners life purpose & the trailblazing thought leadership that’s theirs & theirs alone.

Lissa’a wisdom for the listeners, ” Look at what makes you weird or Wyrd, which means your path of personal belonging.  What makes you wyrd is your own personal path to prosperity. Legitimize and own it without apologizing for yourself. Wyrd means “Path of personal belonging or destiny.

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