Luna bliss in costa ricaIt was a pure pleasure to interview Luna Jaffe this week.  I admire Luna for her ability to step into the world of financial advising, when she actually has the true soul of an artist and training as a psychotherapist.

As this is similar to  my own background, and I could relate and know for myself what a struggle it was, and still is at times, to do the business planning and number crunching, when in my heart, I would rather be creating. 

Luna shared her own challenge with this part of herself and some really good tools that have helped her to stay focused on what’s best for her business, and when something is a good idea or not from a financial and business building point of view. The advice she offers is stellar and you will all benefit.

Luna shares her compelling story of how she became a successful  financial adviser when she began with barely any money management skills.

She is now a Certified Financial Planner, visual artist and psychotherapist.  She is CEO of Lunaria Financial, Ltd., a boutique financial planning firm located in Portland, Oregon.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Depth Psychology and is a trained coach. 

Luna is the author of the award winning book, Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom. This book is beautiful as well as creative and very powerful to help you shift your own money issues.

Luna’s financial planning practice is a unique alchemy of traditional planning, creativity and financial coaching.  She engages her clients in a process that aims to develop financial savvy and confidence while also dealing with cash management, investment allocation, estate and tax planning, business planning and setting/implementing financial goals. 

Luna’s wisdom tip: Make friends with the numbers in your business and personal life.  The sooner you recognize the power of paying attention, the better your business will flourish.  A wise woman business is one that is grounded in intuition and financial savvy.  You must reach for your vision while staying firmly rooted in the earth, which means you hold yourself accountable for the money you are earning, saving, investing and spending as if it were your life blood— which it is!

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