Melody Thanksgiving 2011Melody LaBaron will keep your attention through this whole interview.

Melody is a truly gifted woman and offers a service that can help everyone to lead more peaceful and purposeful lives.

There are many people around who help people remove clutter, but Melody is trained in something called “Space Clearing,” which refers to the stagnant feelings, memories, and those intangible things that just don’t feel right in a home or office. 

She calls is energetic clutter. When she was 35, and her mother was dying, she supported her though the process and helped her to create altars that altered the mood and helped her process.

Melody talks about how important it is to “focus attention,” and this will activate “intentions.”

In this interview she also shares about how to activate your abundance area of your home and what you can do to up-level your abundant intentions.

As a Professional Organizer, Space Clearing practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, and Success Coach, the question Melody LeBaron helps her clients answer is: In how many ways can the spaces you live and work in support your greater success?

For decades, Melody’s clients have cleared their homes and lives of everything that isn’t serving them, so that they can experience the success they deserve and become the leaders the world needs!

The oldest of 7 children, Melody has been creating order and beauty out of chaos since she was a little girl, and began organizing for others in her 20s.

Clients call her the “House Whisperer” because she senses the subtle energies that need to be cleared, and how each space longs to support those who live and work there.
Melody’s training in Feng Shui and Space Clearing have taught her what she always knew as an Organizer: when we partner mindfully with the spaces we live and work in, we increase the flow of abundance, health and joy in our lives.

Melody named her business “Transforming Space, Transforming Self” because you can’t do one without the other happening.  She says, try these 5 easy steps, the next time you feel stuck and can’t seem to move forward: 

  1. decide how much time you’ll devote to transforming your space: 15 minutes, a half hour, an hour
  2. chose a small unit of space (one shelf on a bookshelf, or one drawer, or one section of a counter or closet) that you’ll be able to complete in the amount of time you chose
  3. sort items quickly, tossing or donating everything that you no longer use or need or love
  4. organize what you keep in a way that’s functional and attractive to you
  5. over the next 24 hours, notice: after releasing what no longer serves you, do you feel more able to make decisions that move you forward?

My experience shows me that women who can say NO to what is no longer serving them can more easily create the inner and outer spaciousness to say YES to what they long to create in their lives!  

If you’d enjoy support in the process of creating a home and workspace that functions efficiently and effectively, join Melody’s online community by registering for her FREE training “A Clean Sweep: 5 Ways to Partner Your Home and Life Purpose” at