michele_2015webI had the delightful honor to do this wonderful interview with Michelle Grace Lessirard.  She is a shamanic teacher and healer who helps you design your business by the light of the moon. 

When I heard this I was intrigued, and after this conversation I am keeping my eye more clearly on the moon. Michelle Grace says, “This works so you can follow their right timing to take right action.”

Michelle Grace had her first business when she was only 24 and is now 59. She says that she has recreated herself many times during those years.  She was an interior designer and then got involved in the power of positive thinking.  She shared her experience of seeing women being so so hard on other women, and she felt this when she made the decision to stay home with her kids. 

She shares her process of working with the moon energy. She says that the moon is the fastest way to money clarity if you follow the phases of the moon and apply it to your business.  She went through her own soul retrieval and it was a deeply therapeutic process. She realized she was more intuitive at certain times of the month.

The new moon asks you, “Where are you blocked? Where have you lost soul energy?  It’s the right time to meditate on these questions.

The full moon will give you the answer, whether it be about family or money issues. 

The moon expands and contracts and this is similar with money. 

Michelle Grace can help you manifest your wildest dreams; guiding you to fresh clues to solve problems and find solutions that previously felt unsolvable – all of which appeals to this hip, smart, spirit-led business woman, astrologer and artist.

Listen to this interview to hear much more wisdom from this amazing woman.

One bit of wisdom she channeled for you: “When you are bleeding pay attention and honor your intuitive guidance. This will serve you well in your later years.  The world will be healed by intuitive women. Honor all aspects of your wisdom.”

You can find Michelle Grace at Marketing for Healers where she is offering you her Free  Intuitive Women’s Toolkit.  Oodles of good stuff including a 5-page Report, “Picture IT!” How to Breakthrough your toughest blocks to ultimate success with a New Moon Collage®.