Are you a highly skilled, creative, visionary women who can no longer emotionally cope with a job?

Me! My hand is up!

I hear this echoed by hundreds of women who feel their wild spirit would be smothered and stifled if they were to again start working for someone else. Is that door closed to you?

I actually realized this truth about myself at a very young age. I began my first self-employment when I was 25. 

Visionary women need to have their body, soul and spirit nourished in order to thrive and do their work in the world.

Visionary women need to have their body, soul and spirit nourished in order to thrive

Making the decision to launch a business is a big deal and many of the fears that arise that  are based in the root chakra, that place of feeling safe, supported and taken care of.

It’s one thing to have the freedom  to do your own thing, be creative, and be a world-changer, and quite another thing to bring in an abundant income and know how to run a business. 

Money Wisdom was hardest chapter to write in my book  because I was still fully working on my own money wounds and I certainly didn’t feel like a money expert.

I have made a lot of progress and actually writing the book helped me to heal much of those places. It’s ironic how going right into the eye of the storm can be so transformational.

You  may have your own shameful money secrets and I highly suggest you share them with someone. When something feels humiliating there is a tendency to want to hide it for fear of being judged or embarrassed.

In fact, the people you worry about will admire you and trust you even more because you are so open and transparent. 

In our world, money is the ability to provide for yourself and in business it’s a measure of success, and yet it is so wrapped up with self-worth.

 If you don’t think you are good enough or worthy enough, it won’t matter how much money you earn, you won’t be able to keep it. Somehow it dribbles away.

Poor self-worth can keep you making “poor,” decisions. 

Being able to save money isn’t always a sign of being more financially healthy. I’ve seen many people who have a good income but don’t know how to manage it.  They lose real estate, go bankrupt, and struggle all the time. 

This was my story and the story I have heard from hundreds of women I have spoken to in the past 15 years.

In my book I talk about Money Shadows and Money Traps.

Here are two patterns that I see coming up over and over with the women I work with.

“Money avoidance” means not having a clue where your money is coming from and how it’s being spent. It can include fears of looking at your bank statement and not keeping track of the flow in and out of your wallet. 

“Bright shiny objects addiction,” is about getting sucked into stuff that you think you have to have. This can happen when someone good at selling,  promises you a six or seven figure income in less than a year.  You might believe them and so deeply want it, but instead you end up with even bigger money wounds.

The only solution to either of these patterns is to learn to trust your own Wise Woman, that part of you who is grounded, tuned into to your intuition, inner knowing, and trust. 

She is always there and you just have to call on her. It can feel like digging yourself out of a deep pit to bring her into the light again.

One thing that helps is being with other women, women who get it, won’t judge you, and are shifting in the same ways. Mentors come in many forms and one is a women’s circle because as women we need each other. It’s basic to our natures as the sky and moon.  We have an invisible red thread that connects us and that feeling is innate. 

The Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle is one such circle you can join right now, in this minute. (It is Free) One women shared yesterday,

“I see a forest full of vibrating lights coming from the stars. A hear a chorus of singing beings rejoicing that we found our way back to each others hearts. I smell and feel the earth beneath my feet as I dance with my wise and wild sisters. I taste the tears of joys on my lips. I sing out as I allow my voice to be lifted in a song with the women around me. I see the world thanking us for being here and remembering her stories. I am grateful for this.”

If this sounds like your place, join us. If you are wanting that feeling of belonging, of comfort, and community..

I look forward to your voice and your sharing.