I remember my 5 year old birthday like it was yesterday. My mom bought me a pair of ruffled underpants and I wore them to my party of course. There were three rows of ruffles on the back. I loved them and I walked around lifting my skirt so everyone could see. I mean, whats the point of having cool underwear if people can’t see it?

But then my mom told me to not keep lifting my skirt as this was “showing off.”  What a confusing message and was the beginning of me not showing myself or my “ruffles,” because it would be too much or inappropriate. I became self-conscious and tried a fit in. 

whats the point of having cool underwear if people can’t see it-

I am sure many of you have had similar  messages and your own version of being told to tame yourself down. Luckily I have left the last cobwebs of that conditioning behind and found my tribe of people where showing off our true colors is part of the culture.  YES!

In that vein, I decided to be fully out there and do a book launch event that coincided with my 69th birthday. I’m not five anymore but now have a blue streak in my hair and am about to present my book to the world. Just to be clear; this book is about totally exposing myself!

So this is my birthday week and my birthday was on February 2nd, a holiday also known as Candlemas. It commemorates the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden. How fun as I got to be a maiden again this week and show off without anyone telling me to quiet it down!

I’ve launched a full on event called the Wiser and Wilder Fire Circle and so far there are almost 200 women of my tribe who have joined me and the numbers are increasing every hour. Thanks to you who have already joined and shared your voice ( and ruffles) on the Facebook group.  

 I decided to invite all of you to participate in a Creative project with me. This is my vision and will be our joint project. 

My vision is to create a painting that has hundreds of wisdom messages imbedded into it from Wiser and Wilder women like you. I do know she will be a woman of great wisdom and creative powers. I am beginning to see her and you will help bring her to life. I can’t wait to paint this and you are helping me birth her. It is a collaboration of all of our energies. 

Your names will be written on the back on the canvas and you will also be given credit as I see this painting going out into the world in prints and cards.

If you haven’t join us yet, here is the link. https://kayasinger.com/wiser-and-wilder-fire-circle/ Once you join you will be given the link to  join us in the Facebook group where there are over one hundred of us sharing in our full colors!

One person shared, “This group is so warm and safe  and I feel like I can be totally myself!”

Please show up fully in the six calls that begin next Tuesday, February 9th. This is a women’s gathering and will be about sharing our stories.

If you are already part of this tribe, please help by inviting your friends.

There is room for any women who feels a belonging. Thanks so much for being you, being visible, colorful, and Wild!