redo photoNancy Swisher and I had a wonderful talk about how she moved from a being spiritual based counselor to developing a business.  

Nancy, like many healers,  gravitated to doing the work she loved.  Her very first business venture was in partnership with two other women.

Since none of them had any background in business or money management and eventually the business didn’t survive. Out of the three, Nancy was the only one who continued on in her own venture.

Writing her book, became her main focus for many years and helped her to develop her present business which she started at age 44.

She  Nancy is a Spiritual Mentor for Emerging and Established Women Leaders.  She’s been a professional facilitator since 1995 when she started her own business.  Her passion is spiritual growth and transformation and has been since childhood. 

Nancy teaches a transformational weekend workshop in London every year, but primarily works via Skype. Besides her work as a mentor and coach, Nancy is a painter and writer.  Her memoir entitled “Stepping Out of the Past:  Memoir of an Appalachian Mystic” will be available by the end of this year. You will hear more about this wonderful book when you listen to the podcast. 

Nancy shares her wisdom to listeners:  It is so important to have a private time in your life when you are quiet and listen to yourself and your spirit. It’s so easy to get distracted by what’s happening in the world. Take time to nurture the “being” part of your self.  Nancy has a vision of offering spiritual retreats for leaders.

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