You’re a wise visionary, and yet you spend hours and hours inside and in front of your computer. Maybe you even forget to look at the moon. 

It’s all good stuff you’re doing; writing blog posts, sending emails, doing social media, working on your website, and the list goes on because we’re in the age of relationship marketing, and so much is online.

However, it is so deeply important that you don’t lose your soul in the process and you also remember that the deeper purpose to all this is to have authentic connections with the people you are helping. Right?

The big questions I hear over and over again from my clients is, “how to stay tuned in and aligned?”

One way is to stay aware of the moon cycles. In my recent post I talked about the power of going inward with the dark moon and how I use that in my writing.

Super Bright Star over Sea


The new moon offers a different opportunity of Moon Magic than the dark moon. 

New moon is a time that the sun and moon are both in the same zodiac sign and it’s a time of New Beginnings.

It’s a perfect time to cultivate your relationships and also help your clients to take advantage of this energy to follow their vision and get the support they need to reach their goal.  It’s a time more clarity and heightened creativity.

Nowhere is this energy more important then when you are helping your potential clients to make that important decision to invest in themselves with the help you are offering.

It’s so easy to see “sales” as being pushy, manipulative, or out of sync with the beautiful work you are doing.

However, those are old thought patterns and if you are still tuned into them, the New moon is a good time to let them go, and instead, adapt a true wise, visionary way, of deeply connecting with your potential client in a heart-centered sales conversation.

The very first step is to change your own energy and reaction around the word sales, and bring it into the light of the new moon.

Not only is this a powerful way to help you become present and real in these important conversations, but it will help you to shift and transform those out-dated mindsets that keep you stuck in an old rut.

The New Moon is April 18th and it  is coming right up.  

Just a couple days later, on April 21, I am offering a free teleclass called 3 Secrets to Heart-Centered Sales Conversations.

I will be sharing more about how to change your mindset and grow into an empowered visionary and leader of your business right through the sales piece.

The New Moon energy will support your new growth as an empowered entrepreneur and step into new patterns in yourself.

When you finally master the sales conversation you will not only notice this shift in yourself, but you will also notice more people signing on to work with you. Please join me.