Do you ever feel like you need to awaken a sleeping dragon inside of you?  There’s  something so deep and soulful that needs to come out, be spoken, and be expressed? 

There have been many times throughout my whole adult life that I felt this way, and yet I couldn’t speak. 

It felt like I had metal bands around my throat chakra that were fears that I would be rejected, judged, or misunderstood. 



Maybe you’ve felt similar and feel you can’t speak until you are so sure you won’t get it wrong and get criticized or look like a fool?

This is such a huge woman’s issue; not wanting to speak until you are 100% sure you have it right.

That fear of being put-down and disregarded keeps you quiet.

Maybe you just have that niggling self-doubt that questions whether you have the right, whether you are smart enough, or who knows what else!

This was the strongest for me when I was in my 30s.  My insecurity was at it’s highest, I wanted acceptance from my peers, and felt horrible when I didn’t get it. My solution was to hide and not be too visible.

Of course, this is the opposite of how you need to be when running a business. You need to be seen, and in today’s world of relationship marketing, people want to see you, hear your rant, and your story.

I remember when I was around 39, and it felt like I was falling apart and unclear who I was and what my soul was meant to be doing in the world.

I was sharing this with my astrologer friend and I learned  all about the Uranus Opposition that happens around that time. This transit is one of those cyclic times that Uranus tells you it’s time to break through limits and open your voice.

I felt an inner unrest and didn’t know what it was about. Once I realized what was going on it was freeing, and helped me to, not just speak out, but to be who I was meant to be.

Of course regardless of your age, it’s about soulful expression. 

Last year I had an 81 year old client who had been running her business for almost 30 years. She first hired me to help her make some changes, but once we began, it became clear that it was time for her to sell the business and do her next life work.

She said it was time for her to speak out and help others. 

I am sure you recognize that feeling of having a strong impulse to express yourself in your own unique way and take a stand for what you believe in.

 You need to call forth your Wild Woman and in a way you can be bolder beyond your dreams, without so much restraint. Imagine the cage door opening!

My challenge to you is to answer your inner voice that calls you to express your truth. Stop hiding because the world needs your piece of the puzzle.

And when you do that, you will be stepping into a much more powerful place in which to lead your business.

•  You will embody the true strong and powerful women inside
•  You will make an even bigger difference
•  You will be looked up to and be able to mentor others
•  You will be seen and noticed for your inner beauty and what you stand for 

Can you see imagine how this would affect your business success, your self-esteem, and your ability to have an impact?

Take action right now by getting help understanding what you are meant to do, how to express it, and who you are. 

This is my specialty. Supporting and helping you bring that out of yourself and into the light. Are you ready?

Contact me and we can set a time to talk. 

When you email me, give me your responses to these three questions.

1. What is one thing you have a burning need to say out loud?
2. If you could express that what difference would it make?
3. What holds you back?