If you are any kind of a coach, you have may started from that distorted idea of having the freedom to sit on a beach while getting paid $300 an hour helping clients on the phone  (while working on your tan).

Don’t laugh. This is true. I thought this way at the beginning!

In the early days of  “coaching”  this was the hype out there.  

But coaching is actually a skill and a tool that can be used in many businesses. It isn’t actually business in itself.

This might be a mind-shift for you if you are used to identifying yourself as any kind of coach;  health coach, life coach, business coach, leadership coach, writing coach.

Just that identity will keep you on a cycle of constantly looking for one more client to help.

When that doesn’t easily happen you can feel like a failure and you wonder about those people who seem to have multiple 6-figure incomes from their coaching. 

Here is the secret. Those people identify as business owners first and foremost, and the actual coaching they do, is only a part of their offerings.

One of my clients shared, “ Feeling incompetent is the worst for me since I always want to feel smart and successful. Being an entrepreneur is the most challenging experience ever. I’m not quitting and I believe in what I offer but the world of business is so different than the world of coaching.”

Running a business is hard work and will make you face yourself over and over. 

If you want to stop struggling to just (1)

When people identify as a coach and just wait for more clients, they don’t have a business. This is similar to someone being an artist and struggling to sell one more painting. Having an “art business” is a different mindset.  There are some really successful art businesses, but artists  struggle.

This same can be true for any of you who just want to do your thing. I’ve learned this after 40 years and multiple business ventures. I also began as an artist and therapist and now have a successful business- so I know the difference. 

In my family therapy practice,  I did have a 6-figure income mainly  from seeing 1.1 clients and teaching workshops, but to grow larger I would have had to develop many more income streams, hire  people to help me, build a reputation that allowed me to charge a higher rate, be paid for speaking gigs, and so on. In other words, I would have to develop a business, instead of being a therapist.

If you want to stop struggling to just pay your basic essential needs, and instead build a business that will  allow you to shine in the world, be financially abundant, and make a bigger difference, it’s all about getting past your own self-doubt and your own tendency to stay small and safe.

It’s about being open to your power, your voice, and standing fully in that place of wisdom, authority, and strength that only you can do.

Without that, it doesn’t matter if you know your niche, or any of that. However, you do have to know who you are, and who you are aiming to help. Both are important.

I’ve been learning this truth since I began my first business when I was 26. Now I am 68 and it keeps getting clearer and clearer that it doesn’t help me or all the people I am meant to help- if I hold myself back. This is my mission and the real reason I am continuing to work when many of my friends are retired.  I want to support you to really go for it. Only then can you actually utilize everything you are learning.

It does take stamina and focus to create a business that is profitable and many people hold themselves back and go around in circles. 

You can follow your passion and also be a successful business owner, but it requires huge commitment.

Many visionary types have trouble with this concept. They aren’t focused on revenue generating activities enough. It becomes all about their vision and their passion. There is a way to do both but it takes a particular focus.

It could mean investing in getting help because your own eyes just won’t see beyond those blind spots. If you look at the most successful entrepreneurs out there; all the big name people, they all have had years of quality coaching and business help.

The mistake most visionary people make is to:

•  Claim they can’t afford business help and instead stay stuck.
•  Spend more money on training on their professional tools. ( thinking this is more important) 
•  Spend too much money on an expensive website before figuring out their marketing message. 
•  Operate without a clear plan or goals. 
•  Get side-tracked from revenue generating activities.
•  Make decisions from a scarcity mindset. 

Can you relate to anything on this list?
I did all of the above and it took me finding the right person to help me; someone who understood and would take me by the hand and lead me out of the hole. 

Are you ready to face those parts of yourself and make the investment?  The first step is to just chat with me. I listen and offer support. I can help you to see what your next steps are.

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