Sallena Aug 2015 blueSallena Pool was a delightful to interview. Sallena’s vibrant career in organizational development has given her opportunities to create, lead, and mentor dozens of small to mid-size enterprises as they evolve their leadership dynamics and collaborative cultures.

Sallena came from a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents and grandparents all owned businesses and she received her first paycheck when she was only nine, so in a way, being a business owner was part of her DNA. 

She began doing organizational consulting early on in the 1980s and found herself gradually bringing in more feminine ways into the all male culture.  Focusing on good communication was at the core of most issues she helped with.  When asked about what the feminine way of business means to her, Sallena shared, “In the collective of an organization, no matter where someone is in the company, their voice is so important. It’s about valuing every individual’s own passion and genius. “

Sallena admitted that she didn’t trust her own intuition earlier in her life when she felt she needed to compete with men. She kept these parts of herself in the closet. Now she cultivates these areas intentionally in order to connect to her higher guidance. She discovered that her body was a lightening rod for intuition and not listening caused many health issues. During ages 25-50 she led a much more phonetic, crazy lifestyle and had to change her whole approach to work. 

She feels excited about her newest venture of working with leaders and the sense of urgency and determination to change the way we do business in the world. She wants to help leaders to show up with their sacred solutions and divine wisdom. As a leadership dynamics specialist, Sallena’s mission is to help birth a new form of leader who is a unifying and integral change agent — leaders whose presence, creative capacity, and finesse evolves the ethos of conscious business.

Her Wisdom for the listeners is to spend less time on your computers and more time out in nature and being creative. “There is a wealth of wisdom that flows from nature.”  
You can connect with Sallena via her website  or email