My husband painted this picture last year and I’ve always loved it.

What I see is two wise grandma swans meeting in the pond and having a good share.

It hangs in my living room and it is such a good reminder of what’s important.

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If you are busy trying to get people to sign-up for your paid programs, you might appreciate a bit of Swan Medicine.

Selling is all about listening.

In your head I know you know this because you know all about good communication,  authentic sharing, heart-felt connection and all that yummy stuff.

And yet, it is so easy to fall into the trap of giving information. You think that:

• If people just knew the facts that would want to hire you
• People are confused so you need to set them straight
• Once you inform them they will call you

When people don’t respond you feel despondent and disappointed.

The one tip I am going to offer to you today will go right to that place in your heart.

As it sinks in, you will get it. I can see your smile and hear your  “aha.”

You know how to listen and be there in that deep sharing space. It’s what you do oh so well with your clients, once they hire you.  You listen, empathize,  care, acknowledge, appreciate, and then listen more.

What gets in your way of doing this before they hire you, when they need the support to make such an important decision?


Or just not knowing how to make this shift from giving information to pure heart-selling support.

Like everything in business, there is a system and steps to make this easier to make this inner change.

Similar to learning how to swim, once  you learn how, it’s easy to be in the water just like the swans in this painting.

You do it without thinking about it. But before you learn, you flounder, and end up giving information and trying to convince people.  You know this doesn’t work, but you flip back into that space out of habit.

I’ve put together an intense two-week seminar just for you so you can learn this system and then, like swimming, you’ll never have to think about it again.

How to Sell From Your Heart to TheirsJoin me for Swan Selling Medicine!