Why is it that at 10PM on Wednesday night I decide to re-organize my whole office and move all the furniture around? 

I felt a bit of Crazy Woman but for months and months I have  wanted to shift my desk  and could not figure out how to do it in this space and make everything work.

So at 9:45 the light bulb thing happened and I got it. 

I could see where everything would go and I had to do it right then.  

I dragged my hubby in to help me and we did a major overhaul with my super heavy furniture.

These days any kind of moving like this means dealing with electrical wires and cords everywhere. So, there was that too. ( Plus sweeping:)

I should have been in bed! I knew that but it was too late for that. I was on a roll. 

But shazam!  It worked and its done. I am sitting here now looking the right direction and my whole office feels more in the flow. 

Fresh New Perspective Can Make All the Difference


I love it, and even though everything isn’t put away yet, it is already giving me a new fresh perspective.

I had a moment of trying to figure out where to put my printer and then I realized it fits perfectly into a small cubby in my desk. I had never seen that before. It is a perfect fit and it slides out when I need it. 

I had my desks in the old set-up for so many years and kept trying to make it work.

Until this morning, I didn’t realize fully what a difference this change will make in supporting my prosperity, work-flow, overall energy, and ease. 

I love feng shui and now I am facing the child and creativity area where there is a cluster of happy photos of my child when he was little. So I get to look up at his sweet smile and it reminds me of my own free child and the creativity inside of me.

Yesterday I was facing a wall with my white board and all it did was fill my head with information that depleted my energy. I tried hanging a large photo of a waterfall on the white board but it never worked.

Now the white board is on the wall next to me and I can turn and use it as needed. 

My prosperity corner is behind me, at my back, taking care of me and my abundance.

Perspective is so powerful and it can change things in an instant. 

What is going on in your life or business that is calling you to shift your perspective?  It can be a small adjustment or a larger one, but seeing things from a new vantage point is so empowering. 

Where are you feeling stuck? It might just mean seeing things in a different way.

It could be with your office, your marketing, or your goals. 

You might think you “should” do things a certain way or make something work when it feels wrong. 

Stepping into a new perspective is like the sun coming through the clouds.

Answer these questions and then contact me to set up a free chat.

I would love to talk with you.

I can offer a fresh perspective of sunshine on your issue. 

  1. Where do you feel stuck?
  2. How do you keep operating in a way that’s not working?
  3. How would like it to be different?

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