r7fMWhl_52wc_I1UDAFDxrxsng9ZCw3dYPDhc0lWbdgSonia Miller’s interview just flew by as she is such an engaging speaker and her story was one that many of you will relate to.

Sonia grew up in Massachusetts with loving parents who pushed her to develop a career that was financially secure.  She began college at age 17 and wanted to be a good girl and please her parents, so she majored in business and  ended up working in a brokerage firm in the area of stocks and bonds. 

She shared that the first year there she wasn’t happy and this began her journey into everything personal and spiritual growth oriented and why she ended up getting an MSW. 

She said she had to cut the apron strings to her parents so she finally flew off to California. Sonia says, “My first 25 years was about living my parents dream of who I needed to be, the next 25 was about my search, and now that I am 51 I am finally where I belong. 

Sonia shared her her picture of the difference between the masculine and feminine way of doing business. “The male way is more win/lose with focus on bottom line.   The woman’s way is more win/win with a focus on relationships and being authentic”. She says they both have their place but, “now I look at everything through the lens of relationship.”

Sonia’s wisdom for the listeners is to understand the woman’s tendency to see things in terms of right and wrong. “We can learn from the male way that looks at what works and what doesn’t.  So, instead of needing the right answer, find the way that will work best for you and your family.”

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