I am sure you have all heard these words, “I Know I need help, I know you could help me, but I can’t afford it.” 

In fact I bet you have said these words yourself many times. 

You want and need:

New website
Business coach/mentor

The list goes on. These are all things that will support your success but you are blocked by the money.  You need money coming in and not going out.

In the effort to get money coming in you create programs. wonderful services to help people, who do need the help you are offering, and then they are stuck the same way  you are.  They want your help and yet, they are trapped in that “I can’t afford it,” mindset. 

I have my own money story and share it in Chapter Seven in my book, Wiser and Wilder.” That Chapter is called Money Wisdom and in order to write it I had to dig deeply into my own money tapes, fears, and beliefs around my self-worth. 

What I discovered set me free.


After years of digging down and pulling out the roots to that limiting belief plant, I discovered my story had changed, but I was still reacting from the old tapes, out of habit. 

In literally one moment I got it and realized I actually no longer had those beliefs and my business was doing well and I trusted the money flow.

It was like re-arranging the vibration energies in my soul. 

In Chapter Seven I share about money traps, money shadows and how to re-write your own story. 

Here are a few ideas for you right now. These are things you can do in this minute. 

  1. Eliminate the words,  ” I can’t afford it,”  as those words will keep you stuck in a poverty mindset. Instead ask your soulful Wise Woman what she needs and why. 

2. Wisely decide how important it is to get help or pay for something you need.  If it is highly important and will help you grow your business, then say YES and then look for ways to make it work financially, while still being responsible. This will immediately change your vibration. 

3. Help your potential clients do the same.  Speak to their Wise Woman inside and it will help them to feel her strength and power. In that process you will feel your own. 

 4. Remember that the size of one’s bank account does not reflect anyone’s true worth. The shift begins on the deepest inner levels and will reflect in the outer world once the shift happens inside. It is magical. Can you feel this?

I also want to offer ways that make it easier for people to say YES and get help.  I know you are in process and this change is like a metamorphosis. You might be in that place like I was and letting go of an old skin while the new one is growing. 

Here is something you can say YES to and allow yourself to get the help you need to grow your skin faster and stronger! Heart Mentor Program. Gift from me to you. 

It is all about how to be a more actualized version of yourself. Are you ready to drop your old skin?