I’ve had a huge awareness that something big was going to change for me this year. I knew it would be about my money story. Yes, that one I have been avoiding.

I could go on avoiding but it’s getting harder and harder.

Considering I’ve been someone who fluctuates between spender and avoider, I’ve done pretty well in my business, but the more money I earn the more glaring the problem is. 

I tend to be motivated by fun, and the idea of tracking every dollar that closely,  makes me want to crawl into a hole.  My free spirit wants to scream.

But my true soul work is calling me to do this.  I’m stepping into this decision with an open heart and I am getting the sense this will shift so much, allow me to work in a much deeper way, and allow my wild woman to be even wilder and my free spirit to be even freer.

So, in fact it is less of a change and more of an evolution. I need to evolve.

I was working on Chapter 4 (Following Your Bliss)  of my book last week, , and this download came to me and I made a drawing of it here.

visionary entrepreneur overlap

Maybe you began your business venture from your VISION. 

You know who you are, what you’re meant to do, how you want to make changes in the world, the way you want to leave your footprint. Right? 

 The vision excited you and you can see the whole picture and feel it in your veins.

So you decide to become an ENTREPRENEUR.  This means learning how to run a business, create systems, learn marketing, and make money! 

It can be hard, but you don’t want another job and you want that sweet feeling of success as you put yourself out into the world.

However, you discover it’s hard to put those two together. You struggle,  get overwhelmed confused, and at times feel like quitting. I have felt all those ways, over and over.

Where these two circles overlap is the golden angel of Self Growth. I can see that so clearly now.

It’s about self-actualization. You will only get so far in combining the Visionary and Entrepreneur and successfully building a business without doing this part.

I’ve just reached my own glass ceiling and until I face my money stuff I won’t be able to pass through that barrier and do my real mission work.  

What is this for you? What piece is holding you back?

This isn’t the same for each of us. For you it could be empowerment, putting your voice out there. It might be relationships; issues around communication and intimacy. 

Only you know what that golden angel is calling you to face.

This will appear at different stages of your business in different ways. 

I would love to hear your comments below or if you are more comfortable send me an email. kaya@kayasinger.com