Many years ago when I heard the words “Business Planning,” my inner visionary  backed up into her little turtle shell. She thought, “boring, not fun, and hard”.

I am, and have always been motivated by fun and creativity. 

Spread sheets mean heaviness and things I don’t understand. There is no context for understanding what all those numbers mean.

So, my solution was to not plan.  I prided myself as being a spontaneous gal and smiled.  However, at some point even I could see that I needed to have goals and make decisions based on those goals.  I knew my business would stay stuck at this small size if I didn’t figure out a way to keep my turtle happy. 


Can You Even imagine a Creative, Visionary Way of Business Planning-

I needed to be a grown-up but do it in my own way.  About 10 years ago I created a business planning template that was a circle process and it was more kinesthetic. It worked, and  yet, since then I’ve learned a lot more and have the eyes of the Eagle instead of the slowness of the Turtle.  My totem was Turtle for what seemed like, a very, very long time.

Turtles are slow but sure.  Eagles soar.  Eagle came to me this year.  So,I created a new business planning tool with Eagle’s eyes.

I love it and have been using it with my special private clients and my coaching group.  Everyone gets it and it helps them have that Eagle overview in a creative way.

  It’s a Business Planning Spiral and as spirals are, it goes on and on and deeper into self-discovery, growth, building one skill on the next, and offers such insight into where you are right now and where you are going.

I am going to share it with you right here. Even without my help in using it, you will glean the energy it holds. Here are some of its secrets:

• Multi-layers of insight
• The expansion of relationship with yourself
• The keys to empowerment and transformation
• Your Wise Woman intuition
•  Wholistic perspective

These deeper opportunities may not be apparent when you look at the spiral but it’s all there. The spiral keeps going and so does your growth and awareness.

business spiral

From this spiral you will be able to create your plan for next year. It is creative success building in the highest form.

Are you intrigued?  We can also make this into an artsy project if you are so inclined. 

I am offering some special “Spiral Planning Sessions” One 90 minute session with me and you will have the bones of your plan.  Plan your business for 2016. 

Imagine the good feeling you will have knowing you are following a real plan that is grounded in wisdom. Contact me to get it set up!