SusanPortrait(3)Susan Jenkins shares her magic and spiritual truth in this wonderful interview with me.

Through sharing her story of the long and winding road to creating a successful business, you will also hear about how she used her own shamanic experiences and her life visioning to bring her business into life.

Susan shares how she left her marriage after 40 years, and for the first time was financially independent living in a very small town in rural Maine.  

At one time she was working five different jobs, including her own healing practice, and then realized she needed help. Now at age 62, she is living on just her business and has the pleasure of helping people all over the world to find and live their own truth. 

Susan Jenkins is a Shamanic Healer, Medicine Dreamer & Spiritual Guide who is passionate about helping clients heal, shift and empower themselves through shamanic earth-centered practices, which encourage trust, honest introspection and a deep commitment to clearing away what no longer serves them so they can step in to their power, speak their truth, and embody their soul vision and purpose!

Susan realized her unique “gift of sight” 32 years ago when she faced a serious health crisis, (a shamanic initiation), that opened her to spirit realms where she connected to spirit animals and spirit guides who shared their wisdom, medicine and guidance.

Regarding her legacy, Susan shares, “I’m in my wise woman years now for sure. I am so grateful to know that if I died today I would leave a legacy of light, just in the hundreds of people I have worked with over 31 years! I want to be remembered as a woman who loves and feels gratitude for life on a very deep level, “stands in her integrity, and “walks her talk”.

As a heart-centered, light worker, she works with light beings, guides, the earth, and high frequency energies to balance, uplift and heal.  

The wisdom she offers to the listeners:
“I’d say one of the most important things is to stay kind with yourself! Let go of perfectionism! All we have is this present moment, that’s reality, and trusting that everything that’s brought us to this place, this moment, the present, was perfect! This is about total acceptance of where you are right now! Trust in yourself, in the wisdom of your divine essence, and spirit to guide you.

And finally that every situation is an opportunity for growth! As Inner Warriors, we no longer view ourselves as victims to anything. We are alchemists and can transform anything if we believe it to be so! Accept and befriend your resistance, take risks, step out of your comfort zone, trust and know that freedom and truth are just on the other side. That is the Inner Warrior’s territory!”

Currently, she guides and supports clients through year long private programs, Diamond “Dreaming &Embodying Your Vision” and Emerald “Pathway to Power”, where they receive weekly support and guidance in all areas of their lives. You can connect with Susan   or ,