SusannaMaida-SC3It was pure delight to interview Susanna Maida. We had such a full and fun conversation about what really matters.  

I love her story of how she began with high level  academic training, in a very male dominated science field. She often felt like she was selling her soul for a paycheck.

Susanna’s story is not unfamiliar, growing  up and being told to have a proper career which didn’t include being an entrepreneur, but eventually at age 46 she concluded she was no longer cut out to work for someone else ever again.

In the interview she goes on to share that her biggest challenge was in starting out while knowing nothing about business.  But, being highly committed,  she was willing to invest in herself by taking many workshops and trainings. Even though she was poor, she hid this fact from people and used credit cards to get her business going.

Susanna Maida, Ph.D., is a wild woman alchemist, contemporary shaman, and business coach. She mentors visionaries who care deeply about the future of our world, helping them create the soul-satisfying sense of alignment that comes from growing financially flourishing, world-changing businesses doing their great work. It’s part of her bigger mission to restore the sacred to how we do business so that conscious business can become a force for good in our world.

Susanna has a Doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change and she’s been coaching, mentoring, and leading life-changing experiences in nature for over 20 years. One of Susanna’s many gifts is helping transformative entrepreneurs shape the raw material of their calling into a unique and original body of work, and then grow that into a thriving business – all while partnering with the Soul of Their Business, serving from the heart, and leading from the sacred feminine.

Born and raised in New York City, Susanna has lived all over the western U.S. and in Costa Rica before recently settling in Santa Fe, NM with her husband. Unafraid to go for what she really wants, Susanna took one look at where the path of her first “proper” career as a groundwater hydrologist was taking her and decided it would squeeze the life out of her.  So she ditched that profession at age 30 and followed her passion for nature and the river.  She then spent ten amazing years leading whitewater rafting trips and teaching whitewater schools.

One day, while sitting in the back of her raft as it lazily floated between two big rapids, she realized she could never again stuff herself into any sort of “normal” job.  Ever since, she’s been using her visionary maverick energy to help evolutionary entrepreneurs flourish wildly while making their greatest contribution to a world in need.

Her wisdom for listeners:  “We are an unnamed movement on the evolving edge of conscious entrepreneurship.  Your great work is the blessing you were born to give to the world.  It starts out as a seed in your soul, yearning for full expression.

It’s your responsibility to tend that seed so it can germinate and blossom into its full expression, which in our contemporary world often means growing a thriving, soul-sourced business.  Don’t skimp, cut corners, or waste precious time, energy, and life force trying to reinvent the wheel because you think you can’t afford help.  That’s a false economy.  Get support – peer support, mentor support, team support.

Invite the soul of your business along as a creative partner and learn how to listen to it, trust it, and take action aligned with what it tells you. The time is now. “

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