Selling Medicine

You know how to listen and be there in that deep sharing space. It’s what you do oh so well with your clients, once they hire you.  You listen, empathize,  care, acknowledge, appreciate, and then listen more. What gets in your way of doing this before they hire you, when they need the support to make such an important decision?

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Are There Holes In Your Sales Process?

I know most of you have trouble with selling because it feels out of integrity. However you may need to dig deeper into your values and listen. You certainly want to be paid for the amazing gifts you offer, but you wish the cash would just flutter out of the trees like autumn leaves. It can happen just like that but you also have to bring in the empowered action part of yourself.

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What I love- Sales Tip

Most sol-preneurs struggle with sales; not wanting to feel pushy and just uncomfortable about the whole process. It’s funny because you likely have no problem telling people about something you love! I bet you do this all the time, whether you’re talking about your children, pets, a good movie, a restaurant or whatever! However it seems to feel challenging to talk to people about your programs, even though you love and feel passionate about them as well!

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