I almost didn’t use the word Crone in my book, “Wiser and Wilder.”

Early on in my writing I did a FB post and asked  people what Crone meant to them and I got a barrage of responses.

Many women said they hated the word as it brought up feelings of being stern and old, and didn’t want to identify with that. 

Others said Crones were evil witches and still others said Crones were the most esteemed elder women who held the ability of true sight – insight and wisdom, maybe being that much closer to death’s door.

I also heard words like old hag, ugly, mean and frightening that come straight from the fairy tale world which we know has been a real influence.

So it took a lot of guts for me to introduce the archetypal Crone with her beautiful crown of inner knowing emanating from her head and her Wisdom Staff.  

Once I invited her into my book I realized she had a lot to say!

Are You Ready to Be Seen For Your Power-

It upset me that this powerful archetypal figure was so demoted and hidden for many, many hundreds of years. It also explained a lot about how women are afraid of their power. 

Crones are meant to be seen for the metamorphosis of fertility into magnified intuition and inner knowing. Their bodies are not supposed to look fertile like a maiden’s and yet it has been confusing because the young women’s power has been mixed in with being seductive  and sensual. When that disappears there has been nothing to replace it- until now. 

Hundreds of years ago, people who were afraid of Crone power might have focused on the outer ugliness (compared to maidens)  as a way to disempower all women and especially elder women. 

I don’t know how this happened, but I realized that I’m here to help shift that perception and come out of hiding. 

So I decided it was time for Crone and her wisdom to come back to her place in the divine feminine and reclaim the empowerment of the Wise Elder Woman.  

I took on the challenge and  introduced her into my book with her own Chapter called Crone Medicine. 

Once I opened that door I was given so much insight. It flooded in, and is too much to share in this one post, but the awareness of the archetypal Crone Level Business came to me as part of this process.

No surprise that this is the teaching I am meant to share right now, as women visionary entrepreneurs are my tribe and the ones I’m speaking to. 

This is such powerful stuff and so important for every one of you regardless of your age.

Here are a few of the important teachings that Crone brings to entrepreneurs.

•  Nurture your real inner power as it is huge, and it could very well be that the self-doubt that side-tracks so many women was part of the original brew to make us feel smaller than we really are. (this topic alone will be another blog post) 

•  Trust, develop and practice using and believing in your own intuition and inner knowing. It might be like a rusty hinge that needs oiling, but the more you Listen, the more you will hear  and clearer you will be. 

•  Listen to who you are and Be her. You each have your own genius gift and the world needs it. The business part has to be learned and integrated in. However,  it begins with YOU and your being-ness. 

Successful Crone level businesses are one important part of what will change the world as women’s success, voice, and healing is exactly what’s needed right now. 

I will be sharing more about who Crone is, how she is calling to you, how her help will support your path. and what a Crone level Business looks like.

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How to Grow a Crone Level Business.  

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