Vi_FT-752Virginie Paradis was so fun to interview, partly because of her captivating French accent, but also  because of her unique story of how she came to owning a successful company all about being French, and this includes the language, culture, art, movies, history, and travel.

Even though Virginie was born and raised in France, she lived in both England and Italy before she moved to the the United States.

She says it never occurred to her to use her French-ness to start a business. However when she moved to Seattle almost six years ago, she began teaching French at various schools including Rosetta Stone and Community College. She discovered that the way she was supposed to teach made it not fun for students and therefore, made it hard for them to get good results.  She also realized that American people are fascinated with French culture. The language is only part of it. 

Virginie is all about making learning fun and creative. 

So, she started her own program and saw the positive results of her method which builds connections and creates community as well as learning French.

She grew up watching her father struggle and fail at business so she began from her own motivation to be independent and creative. She was never told to follow her dream. But she says, as a result of stepping into this business she is so much more confident in talking to people and much less self-conscious. 

Virgine’s wisdom tip:  “Always focus on the experience of your customer first and foremost. I don’t feel good unless they are receiving what they wanted, and even more than what they wanted. This is what makes me happy”.

You can find Virginie at – excellent videos!