That process of transforming your vision into a real business can sometimes feel like an endless, hopeless mess instead of the joyful expansion and transformation into  success.

There is often a huge gap between what you want to do, your real life visionary calling AND the business steps to follow to get the abundance you yearn for.

It takes a very different kind of Wisdom to connect the dots from your Visionary self to your Wise Entrepreneur.


My story

I had so many issues I needed to face;  fear of looking not-smart,  worry of living under a bridge, afraid of  my true voice. The list goes on but money issues were the biggest and that was my greatest fear.  I thought I wasn’t savvy enough to make real money and my self-worth was so low that I didn’t trust investing money in myself.

All those pieces live in the Self-growth part of the picture up above. 

I thought I was being responsible when I told myself I shouldn’t spend money on getting professional coaching until I was earning enough money to pay for it.  I’m sure all of you reading this are more aware than I was at that time, and can glaringly see the irony of this logic.

There was no way I would ever earn the money to pay for high level help until  I got said help. It was a cycle of perpetuating my stuck place.

Have ever felt this way? How has it derailed you?

Somehow from pure determination I got  past that fear of spending money that I didn’t have and I hired the one coach I thought I could never afford, but I knew she could help me. She got who I was. It was way more money than I ever thought I would spend on coaching. 

Up until then, I made decisions based on who had the lowest fee.  Again, I know you can see what I didn’t see at the time; that quality is so much more important than price.  However, when you have a poverty mindset this isn’t obvious. 

I convinced myself that I was being responsible and felt smug in this regard, but all the time I was perpetuating a low-self-worth identity.

That is just a bit of my own messy story that comes from my wounded healer. Because after  years of slogging through my own liming beliefs, I transformed into who I am now.  I could never, ever gotten though that period without help. 

I had all the information. I had read tons of business books, took marketing classes, studied, and knew all the head stuff, but my own self-concept kept me stuck at a certain level in much the same way that a thermostat  re-sets to whatever it is set at.  My own inner thermostat was set somewhere between  struggle and get by, so no matter what I did I seemed to stay there in the safety of being a Visionary who had a mission.

However trying to turn my mission into a real business brought up all the issues I am speaking of. I finally realized that this was my real work- to face all that stuff- the pieces that live in the almond shaped area in the picture above,  that lives between Visionary and Entrepreneur and connects them together. There is no skipping over it.

 Chapter Four in my new book is dedicated to  this subject because it is so deeply important. Visionary types invest time and money into learning their professional skills and getting more certifications and then still struggle when it comes to growing a successful business, because of their issues that live in the almond shaped portal.

Look at this list and see how many of these you face.

•  Fear of being rejected
•  Not trusting your natural instincts
•  Worry about being looking bad
•  Feeling overwhelmed
•  Poverty mindset
•  Trying to do everything yourself
•  Staying safe and comfortable
•  Refusing to do certain things you need to do because you don’t want to. 
•  Fear of failure and success
•  Not getting help with all the above

I have no judgment of you, as I was there, and at one time would have answered YES to that whole list.  What I know now is that it’s possible to face and transform every item on that list. I have done it. 

Is it easy? Not always.  I screamed, cried,  had panic attacks, and yet every time that happened I made friends with my wounded healer and persisted. I kept working hard in the entrepreneur area and growing my business tree from the roots upward.  There were five things that helped me when I got stuck. 

1.  Community
2.  Sisterhood
3.  Mentoring
4.  Willingness
5   Determination

Do you have those five things?  Which ones are missing? They are all in your control. If you are reading this you already have some community and some willingness. What about the others?

They are all important and now I have such appreciation for my mentor who helped me that I want to help others.  I’ve been helping women transform and  step into more empowerment for 40 years so this is my gift to the world. 

If you are missing having a mentor to walk the path with you, I want to offer you an opportunity to experience this at a much lower price than usual and with some extra benefits added in.  Are you  curious?  Are you “willing” to have a look and find out more? 

I  want to help you. Why? Because this is about giving back. I know how it feels to be stuck and I know how to get unstuck. I want you to be who you are meant to be in the world and to shine and come out of hiding!  I can see you peeking around the corner….. Read more.  Imagine what it would feel like to be to say YES to the whole list above. It feels great!

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