talking stick

I wonder if the person who started that quote ever wrote a book?

 Of course, I knew it would take awhile to get my book written, but I still had this secret thought that I could whip it out in a few months.

The truth is that the process has been such a big part of the project.  I discovered I can only write when I get myself in the right mindset that allows me to download, or be a channel for the words to come through.

I bet you’ve experienced this too.

I’m re-membering when I created this talking stick 25 years ago. I was tuned in to a powerful creative energy source.

It’s not easy to just drop into that space because my head wants to push it’s way into the forefront, but whenever I try writing from that head space all I get is crap. It reminds me of being in Old Orchard school in the 1950s, where I felt the creativity squeezed out of my child’s body.

When I’m in the zone, the ideas, thoughts, and teachings flow in and fill up the page with words that feel inspiring to read, I can feel that buzz, and then I know I am on the right track.

Someone asked me what my book was about and I realized it is a  How to Be book.  In a way, it is the state of being-ness that goes back to my free child, and is so refreshing.

It’s the feeling of:
• Sitting around a campfire with our sisters and sharing and being real.
• Holding the talking stick and knowing it’s your turn.
• Running into the water on a beautiful beach at sunrise.
• Having someone look at you for who you are, not what you do.
• Standing on Mother earth and feeling your roots deep in the soil.
• Sitting on a rock in front of a waterfall.
• The smile on your beloved’s face when looking at you.

Wake up to your power

It’s a book on women’s empowerment, for women who are waking up to the power they have bubbling inside of them, and for women who already know who they are, but need permission to step out of the male world of heavy competition and power selling, and into the world of the divine feminine which is about collaboration instead of competition and wholism instead of being laser focused.

It’s about circles instead of squares, and intuition and inner sight that comes in the wise woman years. It’s about how to transform your emotions into insight and the power of the Crone in each women, regardless of her age.

The book speaks to the red scarf of blood from a women’s first menses, through the creation years,  until it stops, and what happens after. It’s about all that blood energy, and how it metamorphoses into a hyper- awareness and deep wisdom that allows women to do their deepest soul work right at a time when they were told they would be done.

Women are round beings and choosing to create your own circle will unconsciously remind you of your tribal connections, sitting around a fire with your tribe. It’s your home, your warm hearth, your people.

Tapping into circle energy is an important part of nurturing and growing the kind of energy you want for your life force and creating the kind of support and expansiveness that will help you to shine and grow your dream business.

Next time you’re at the beach, take a stick and draw a circle around you. Stand in the middle.  How does it feel?  One woman told me it felt like a force field that would keep her safe. Another woman said, it made her feel special, like she was in the center of her world. Still another said she felt like she could create anything within that space. We did this at a workshop I ran recently, and every woman there felt more empowered, energized, and centered once she put herself into a circle.

I also had them draw a square and notice how they felt standing in the center. One woman said it felt like she had boundaries, she couldn’t cross, another said she felt diminished or smaller. A third woman said it felt like there were rules to follow.

By their very nature, a circle has life force, it shines, is open, inviting.

The circle symbol is perfect for women who are naturally wholistic.

One thing I am realizing, in even a fuller way,  is how much I love working with women in my private sessions.  It begins with focusing on your business, but it is so much more than that. It’s about self-actualization,  diving into the underworld, your shadow, all of this so you can be clear about who you are and how to you stand in that place and do your life work, make your footprint, and leave that for others to be inspired by.

It is such an honor and a blessing.  I have room for a couple more 1.1 clients right now so contact me if you want to talk about it, if you feel the talking stick calling you.

Listen as an option to reading!!