I have a love affair with circles.

It’s important to get it deep in your soul that you need to run your business the woman’s way.

This includes both being in circles with your tribe and bringing circle energy into all of your business activities. 

Women need to see the whole picture. It is the most powerful way to begin to create a business plan, a new project, or solve a problem. 

Circles are wholistic by their very nature. A circle can include all the parts and show how they work together. 



Every new idea of project begins with a circle for me. I draw it on paper and inside the circle is my:

Supportive people
Creative ideas
Solutions to possible problems
Positive mindset
Next steps

Your circle is also where your own wise and wild woman lives. She is right there  in the center, right in your womb. She’s the one who always knows and takes you to your quiet space of clarity. 

If you aren’t  living in circle vibration it is very hard to connect with her and hear her wisdom.  Without her wisdom you will struggle, make poor choices,  not see past your scarcity mindset and can feel very alone.

All those issues live outside your circle, and if you try to make decisions from that place it will feel stressful- like being in a box.

What does circle energy mean to you?
How does being part of a circle help you to stay on track?
What kind of circle is missing from your life?

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Why Visionary Women Love Circles
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