Do you ever feel like your inspiration is being drowned by all that stuff of life?

When there are dishes to wash, errands to run, laundry to do, family to cook for, your Wild Woman can get very, very tired. 

She hightails it for the forest, bubbling creeks and fresh air.  That silver thread between you and her becomes very thin and you realize you will have to go and find her. 

Yesterday was one of those days for me and I knew she would be on the beach.

It was one of those sparkly sunny days on the Oregon coast, with no wind and as I walked down to put my toes in the water, my Wild Woman showed up and I felt whole again.

I felt the earth and sun realign through my body and I felt so totally at peace. All the business issues I had swimming around in my brain dissolved and all that mattered was this moment of earth, sky, ocean and my heart and soul. 

This is my story and I have realized I not only need her, but I also need my circle; my tribe of women. 

You are my tribe so I made this video for you yesterday! I felt you right there with me.  

In the Wiser and Wilder Retreat not only will we hang out on this very beach, have rituals, laughter, power, art and community but you will own your vision and stand in your own footprints!

There are only three spots open!  If your heart is beating and saying YES, listen and join us. If you think you’re too busy, listen and listen again. 

If you think you “can’t afford it,” say YES and then talk to me about how to make it work.