Wise and Wild Marketing and SellingTips for Visionary Women
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Both of these classes are over but here are the recordings 

**And make sure you read about the Crone Mentor Program as this is a special program only offered only in January and to a few women who fit. Read more to see if its a right for you. If your heart is beating, lets talk. 


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Recording of Part One Wiser and Wilder 2018 Marketing Tips


You love what you do but you want to do it with more clients and bring in more money.

Marketing and selling just isn’t what it used to be.  The formula I learned 15 years ago actually no longer works!


Come to this Free Class and you will find out:

• How when you do marketing from your heart, selling also becomes easier

• What stops most women and sabotages success

• 5 things you need to do this year in order to empower your Vision by 2019.

Ask your Wild Woman if she wants you to join us. Trust your intuition and listen to her. Seriously, she always knows.

I only do this class once each year so this is it. Plus it’s never exactly the same each time. 

I promise you- you will leave feeling more empowered, clearer about your direction, and energized to move forward. Plus you will be with a community of women and what could be better than that?

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My own story
Since 1973, I’ve been a potter, counselor, life and business coach and now an author, mentor, and an artist. Now that I’m entering my Crone years I’m doing what I love and enjoy helping other women to avoid some of the bumps on the road.  I want to help you to be who you are meant to be in the world!

To learn more about how to be Wiser and Wilder read my book!

For me, marketing has always been like an easy flowing river. It’s not hard if you go down-stream with the current.