abstract space background with stars and sunrise fully in the midst of book writing-land.

Those of you who follow my blog and read it regularly (huge thanks:) know that I like to share my own personal challenges with you all.


This book is of course, deeply important to me.

 My first one was good too, but I wrote it  because I thought I needed to have a book published, for credibility, blah, blah.

You know how that works. 

I bet some of you have done the same, or are thinking about it. It was fairly easy compared to this new book because I simply grabbed blog posts and articles I had already written, put them together with some glue and a book was created. 

It was a part of my footprint, but only the first few steps as I ventured out into the world, asking myself, “why am I doing this business and what is it that only I can offer to the world?”

But this time it’s different. I know my mission.

This book is about my purpose and that gift I want to be known for.

I’ve spent my whole adult life searching and waiting for the lightening bolt in the sky. I’m sure you’ve done the same or are in that search still. 

These three questions I have had to ask myself over and over:

1. Why are you even running this business?
2. Why is it so important?
3. Why would you work this hard?

Certainly it’s not for the money. Money would never motivate me, especially when I look around and see at least half the people my age are retired, or semi-retired, while taking up painting, traveling, social causes, and other things I would love to do but barely have time for.

Money is a barometer of success but not enough to make me work this hard.

I’m doing this because it is what I am meant to do. It’s who I am. 

It’s my footprint, my life-work, my legacy, my gift to the world, whatever you call it. 

As you are reading this you might be thinking that you don’t have a clue what this would be for you. Maybe you’re still trying to figure this out. One of my clients who is 80 years old and still working and writing, says she didn’t have clarity about her mission until she was 72.

I just read an article about Frieda Lefeber, at age 100, who just had her first gallery art show. 

Suddenly I feel very young at age 68, and it wasn’t until I was almost 60 that I began to get clarity around my big Why.

If you are 30, 40, or 50, just know that now I see how everything I have done, my degrees, different businesses, the ones that worked, the ones that didn’t, raising my son, my challenges , divorce, tears, moving to New Zealand, moving back; the whole gestalt, is all part of my purpose now.

That’s the one message I have for you today. 

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know yet,  just keep doing what you love and follow the thread. Eventually all the pieces will connect and you will use everything, every last bone of it will be part of your special soup.

It’s really quite ironic how this works, so you might as well enjoy the ride.

My book is called “Wiser and Wilder,  the Path of the Visionary Woman Entrepreneur.” It isn’t a how-to book. It is a How to Be book.  Very different. And I have to BE in a certain place while writing it. 

My biggest challenge is getting it written. It takes a certain quality of time to tune in to that Neverlandish place, let go of the details of life, so I can uncork the hollow bamboo and allow the words to float through and onto the page.

I wish I could go into my wardrobe at will and enter somewhere like Narnia for Writers and have an instant retreat. (I already own that url:)

I do the best when on a writing retreat at the ocean, in the forest, anywhere but in my office, in my house, where I am distracted by a million different things that feel like little faces with mouths, saying “me, me!”  

So I go away where all the stuff is not seen or heard, and it’s gone for awhile.

My old friend, Barry Brailslford,  in New Zealand, wrote each of his books during the two weeks from new moon to full moon.  He says that the the moon growing fuller and brighter, supported his writing and allowed it to expand with less effort. It’s like being brought along for the ride as the moon gradually grows to fullness.

There are so many ways of working in sync with nature. It’s easy to forget something so obvious as the moon cycles.

However, there is no right way, so be careful about trying to copy someone else.  Just because it worked for him, doesn’t mean its right for you.( or me, in this case)

If you think about planting your garden, some plants do better when planted with the full moon, and some with the dark moon.

Strangely enough,  as the moon goes from full to dark is my best writing times.  My writing, unlike my friend Barry’s, needs to come from from the deeper part of myself. I need to tap into my intuition, woman’s wisdom, call on the crone goddesses, spirits, angels, and everyone who will support me to bring the deep truths into the light. I need to listen, chant, pray, and be open.

For me, the first step is to be in the dark, and take the moon path inward where it gets deeper and darker.  As I do this, ideas, and stories appear and words drop onto the page. 

I imagine that once my first draft is completed, I will switch to new moon writing. In the the second draft, the main content will have been germinated and written, and it will be time to make it pretty and bring it to birth.

The full moon was yesterday and this week I am off to Breitenbush Hotsprings for three days of writing and will be “in the dark,” literally, as there is no internet and no phone service. Oh, and no distractions! There is a labyrinth, hot mineral springs, and all the food cooked for me. 

I’ll be doing the same thing during the dark moon in May and hope to have the whole rough draft completed by then.

Please send me your kind thoughts and quiet support as I will feel your blessings. 

I leave you with a few questions. 

How could you use the energies of the moon to help you in your creative process?

Is the dark moon calling you, or do you need to dance with the growing full moon?

They are both important for any creative project.

But the most important thing is to take the space and do it!

Where are you feeling challenged right now?

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