FeaturePics-One-Spirit-103927-735904A solo business has its challenges but one of the big ones is about separating your business from yourself.

You might laugh at this idea feeling like you are one and the same and bonded at the core. 

Especially if you have a service type of business, it becomes all about you, in terms of your marketing as well as your creativity.

People choose to work with you because they feel the chemistry, they feel  that you get who they are, and what they need, and they like your vibe.

All of these things make it easy to feel it’s all about you. However, if you move away from marketing, and look at your business as a whole, your mission, purpose, your cash-flow, you’ll realize that your business began as your creation but it has a life force of its own.

It’s like creating a beautiful painting. Along the way, you hate it, love it, you change parts of it, put it aside and then come back to it and at some point it exists on it’s own, hanging on someone’s wall and belongs to them.

 What if you actually realize that at the very beginning, when you have that empty white canvas, before one drop of paint is put forth?

This is especially obvious to me when I’m working with clay. Clay has its own energy and if I try to force it to do something it doesn’t want to do, it will collapse or crack. All potters know this. We learn how to be a channel – a hollow bambu and only in this place will the lump of clay transform into something beautiful.

I see my business as a separate soul force and being as well. I didn’t get this at the very beginning and like the clay, it constantly collapsed, struggled,  and wouldn’t be formed the way I wanted it to. I was trying to run the show and I didn’t have the skill or know- how, so I began by trying to push it in a way that was not in alignment with it’s energies.

Just like needing to learn about how clay molecules worked and how it interacts with water and heat, I needed to learn the basic business skills. My business was fine and it was just me that needed to understand it. I often have conversations with her and and ask her what she needs. (Yes, my business is a she!)  No, I’m not crazy or weird. Okay I might be a bit weirdish but without having her as my partner I would be much crazier.

 I’m sure she tried to get my attention at the beginning but I was too busy thinking I had to be smart and I needed to make the right decisions. It was all about me and me trying to make the best choices without having a full understanding.

Most visionary entrepreneurs begin just like this, with an over abundance of passion and creativity and a gross under abundance of business know-how.Poppet

One day when I was trying to “figure out” a topic for a blog post, I went for a walk with my little dog, Poppet. Since then I have also realized she is another partner, but on this day I was feeling frustrated and I had no idea what to write about.

I began walking and it was as though a silent voice spoke to me and I listened. Not only was the topic given to me, but the outline and main points. It was brilliant and I just stopped right there on the sidewalk and said, “thank you”.

At that moment I realized I wasn’t alone and I had never been alone. She had been there all along, and then I remembered back when I was looking for a name for my business and was busy checking domain names to see what was available.

The name, Awakening Business popped into my head and I remember feeling, yes, this is it! It felt so right and the url was available. I had to make sure I had spelled it correctly because I was so surprised. I knew this was her doing. No other explanation worked for me because this would have been a very high demand url.

She is the Goddess and Crone of Awakening Business, who is Wise and Wild and she talks to me and takes me for walks, gives me words for my writing, keeps me organized, and tells me to turn off the computer by 8:30 every night! For the past ten years she has been my soul partner. I am, and have never been doing this alone!

I talk to her everyday. She talks to me. I still make poor decisions and get stressed, but I connect with her in the middle of the mud and she helps me to get back on track much faster than I could ever do myself. She has an overview that I often can’t see because of the clutter and self-doubt. I know there are people who would laugh and not get it, and say this is just part of my mind. Maybe, but she is real to me!

We don’t all do things the same way and you will find your own way, and maybe a slightly different definition, but being a visionary and woman of spirit, opening to this kind of support is so important.

Seeing my business as a separate entity helps me to have the ability to be a witness, to access information and perspective from a much more expanded place. Often what my business needs is essential to be heard and heeded, and is not always what I personally think I want in that moment. 

Stress is a good wake up call, but then what do you do when you wake up?  You need to see that it could be your business’s soul trying to get your attention because you aren’t listening.

Now that I know this, I stop whatever I’m trying to do,  I get myself out into nature, go for a walk, or a bike ride, as these are the three things that help me to connect with her and her guidance.

I’ve developed the habit of beginning my work day by lighting a candle on my desk and then playing my favorite chant. Those two acts shift my energy for the whole day, and in that moment, I invite her to begin the day with me. It’s like having an invisible advisor and soulful assistant with me in my office. 

Does this sound good to you? Maybe it sounds crazy.We can be crazy together. Please share below in the comments as I would love to hear. 

This is part of Chapter 8 in my new book,  “Wiser and Wilder, The Soulful Path of the Visionary Entrepreneur.” Stay tuned.