Lori Park has been though the fire in her own way and completely transformed herself as part of the process.  

It was during her work of feng shui, elemental space clearing and clutter clearing when Lori realized that the clutter comes from deeply within oneself.

Raised in Western Montana in the Bitterroot Valley, Lori grew up playing along the river banks. Gooey mud, craw daddies, garter snakes and cow pies were her childhood toys.

She was raised next door to her grandmother; a Wise German crone. She learned holistic brews, spending most of her childhood tagging along beside her and being her helper.

Through many life trials, personal and professional, Lori floated along, searching, accepting daily life. When her professional career hit bottom, she took off on a “walkabout.”  While spending time at a nunnery in Idaho, she began walking, praying and meditating until she connected with her inner priestess.

In this soulful interview Lori shares her own story of feeling obligated to work in order to pay off student loans and the process of going to work feeling unhappy. She felt she was, “buried in darkness.”

Lori shares how she connected with me via my book, “Wiser and Wilder,” and found it light and free unlike so many self-help programs out there. Lori was someone who did every activity in the book and felt that it sparked her creativity and made her mind flow. Although I was thrilled to hear how my book was making such a huge difference to her, I also know it was the Wise and Wild Women within the book that connected to Lori’s within herself. It was a gift to us both.

Lori calls herself an intuitive and she says that in today’s world women need mentors so they have a place to go. She shares, “When this shift inside happened to me,  realized this is who I am and this is where I’m going because I want to help women. I want to help women inside, within, because you can put on makeup, you can put on whatever on the outside, but until you come within yourself, you’re still stuck. Part of expressing that and once that happens, is the fear of being judged. Yes, it’s huge. Because here’s this woman who’s always had dinner ready, she went to work, she went to ball games, she went to meetings, and then all of a sudden she’s found her boundaries and she’s saying, No instead of Yes.”

Today Lori’s clients begin with what’s holding them back from living a life of their soul purpose. Her clients come full circle. 

Lori shares, “This full circle relates exactly your practice in your book of standing within a square then standing inside a circle”. 

Lori’s wisdom tips is “Never let go of your Wiser Woman’s hand. Always know that she’s there. When those days come that are tough, dark, struggling or stuck, you’ve let go of that hand.  You can find Lori Park in her Facebook group, Lori Emerging or call her (406) 360-6092

This podcast episode is part of the on year birthday celebration of my book “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”

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