Marcia Chadly is the co-founder of the Creative Life Center in Westminster, Colorado. In this interview Marcia shares her story of how she moved out of the engineering field into a whole new way of  being that allowed her to express her passion and develop what her soul was calling for.



She originally wanted a job that would pay her well and allow her to support her kids and have the freedom she wanted. Eventually she changed inside and her work needed to change too.

Marcia has been guiding women into connection with their hearts and inner wisdom for over 10 years.

Although she loved being a creator of community, teaching soul collage and other contemplative art processes, she realized she needed to learn more about how to run a business.

In this interview Marcia shared how she tried to run her business in a similar way she had been working as an engineer and it didn’t work.  When she read “Wiser and Wilder,” she discovered a different way of working that involved listening to her inner Wise and Wild woman rather than  the things she thought she should do. She discovered that listening to her inner voice, instead of operating out of her head, was so important. She realized that is she didn’t operate from her heart her new Center wouldn’t work.

She says, ” When we get a room full of women together who are talking about their changes, which are each unique, and they’re on their own sacred path in life, and just knowing other people have done similar things or are also going through changes, is supportive. That’s what we  offer to women in our area”.

Marcia also shares about how they use labyrinths as a transformative tool. They have created one in their center and they also do New Moon walks each month in the Denver, Boulder area. Marcia is also a Soul Collage facilitator.

Marcia’s wisdom tip for her listeners: “Listen to your heart. You have to make space for you. Even if it’s five minutes in the bathroom if you can’t find anywhere else. But you are so worth any time you can give to yourself, to hear who you are because you’re here to be you in the world.

You can find Marcia at and on her Facebook group for Creative Life Center or Wisdom Sharing path.


This podcast episode is part of the one year birthday celebration of my book “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”

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