Paula Nuspl is an independent interior decorator. Her passion is helping women create living and working spaces that truly reflect who they are and what brings them joy.

Paula and I had such a fun conversation about what happens when you invite your Wise and Wild Women into your home decorating process.

Paula started her business 20 years ago. She said she always struggled with the part of interior design that felt very surfacey, and about glamour and the fashion of the moment. Plus the idea that design is solely for people who have a lot of money and can afford it, felt wrong to her.  She took a break from her business while her children were little and now that she is fully back she is creating it in her own more organic way.  Paula views home as a very sacred, supportive place that offers support to do ones work in the world.

Paula says, ” You only do your best work when when you stand fully in a place that only you can, and so often, people’s living environments and their work environments sort of happen by accident. She says, “What you teach in your book “Wiser and Wilder,”  is that when you be who you are, and you respect your Wise Woman within,  the answers are there when we’re quiet and listen.  For instance, women will know what color their walls need to be if they trust themselves”.

Paula says, “I always encourage women to create a small alter of some kind in their home from objects that have meaning for them. It could be simple things, like gifts from their kids. These are  sacred objects that bring your heart joy. When you bring those things into your home, it fills your heart. Your Wild woman is allowed to  express who she truly is and not hold herself back.

In your  book  you tell women to embrace those two sides of themselves, so that they can manifest the life that they truly want and desire. I think that’s why it spoke so much to me because I try to do that same thing within my business and creating spaces”.

Paula shared that she grew up in a family that didn’t nurture or support her artistic side. She was told to work hard to make money so she ended up in a job she wasn’t excited about.  She studied radio and broadcasting at Purdue university and  did advertising and marketing for the media for a long time and then realized that it just wasn’t creative enough for her. She was was stifling a part of herself that needed to be expressed.  She  back to school for interior decorating and learned what she already intuitively knew.

Paula says she hopes to write a book sometime about the way she now does interior decorating which involves women listening to her Wise Woman inside. “Interior decorating is really the interior of you, your inside and what you do on the outside reflects that true part of yourself. Your home, your office, where you do your business, is a sanctuary. It’s a place that you can be exactly who you are.”

Paula’s wisdom tip for listeners: you have the answers inside of you, you already do, you always have and regardless of the things that you’ve been told over the course of your life, you are enough.  Listen to what your passions are, your desires, and don’t be afraid to be the Wild Woman either. Don’t let anybody tell you can’t or that you’re not enough. No matter where you’re at in life, no matter how much knowledge you have, at that moment, wherever you’re at, you’re enough. If you just tap into her, the woman that is deep inside of you and listen to her, she will guide you, and she will always guide you in the right way.  You can connect with Paula at


This Podcast Episode is a part of the one year birthday of “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.”