You Are Invited to My Birthday Party!


“Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs”, was officially born on May Day last year.

She was two years in the womb while she grew and became fully herself. Ready to come out and greet the light of day, her Wild Woman appeared, dancing in full energy.

My Wise Woman showed up as a midwife who knew all was well and she re-assured me over and over.

She is now nudging me to have a one year celebration and ritual that would include new stories to add to the wonderful and engaging stories in the book.


New Stories
These new stories are from five women who bought, read and absorbed the teachings of the Wiser and Wilder book early on.

The messages and activities in the book spoke to their heart and souls and helped them on their own visionary path.


The questions I asked them all was, “How has the Wiser and Wilder book and teachings made a difference in your visioning, your business and your life?”

I’ve had a deep conversation with all five women and these recordings are being made into Podcasts that will be released one at a time beginning May Day and then every Monday in May.  

I’m excited to see this mystery unfold and like all my podcasts, nothing is rehearsed and the conversation is totally spontaneous. Their stories will grab your heart and make you laugh and cry.


Bonus! An online Fire Circle Call on Wednesday May 31st to close the event with a ritual and all five women will be present along with many others. It will begin with a profound ritual and there’ll be a live interactive chat and a chance to share your own words into the circle.

Just sign-up here to get notified about each Podcast and also the ending ritual call.

Although these five women are being highlighted, I know all of you have a story and I would love to hear them all.



May 1 – Paula Nuspl
May 8 – Barbara Techel
May 15- Lori Park
May 22- Marcia Chadly
May 29 – Leah Jorgensen
May 31- Fire Circle call starring you!! Live at 10AM Pacific. Sign-up below to get all the details. 

Join the Wiser and Wilder group for conversation and updates. You can also listen to some of the older podcast episodes while you are waiting!


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Kaya Singer is the author of “Wiser and Wilder, A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs,” a mentor and an artist.  Kaya has been empowering women to BECOME the highest version of themselves for 35 years. She offers Wiser and Wilder retreats, presentations and private mentoring to help women grow a successful business and take their visions into the world.